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Current Exhibition

Three-Person Exhibition

Martha Moran, Michael Rohde, Beth Tate

Three-Person Exhibition

Beato Gallery
March 9 - April 20, 2019

The Opening Reception was held Saturday, March 9, 2019


Martha Moran

"I've always felt something magical about coming upon a rockstack along a trail. The idea of using more varied stone intrigued me – combining gem-quality geodes, agates and concretions with boulders and other inherently sculptural 'found' rocks."

Martha Moran - Shrapnel & Crystal Fascinator
Martha Moran - Basic Black
Martha Moran - Birdland
Martha Moran - Crystal Lamp
Martha Moran - Fascinator for Southwest Wedding
Martha Moran - Oddity & Curiosity #1
Martha Moran - Ghost
Martha Moran - Crossing the Bridge
Martha Moran - The Rotten Tooth
Martha Moran - Finding the Balance
Martha Moran - Stargazer
Martha Moran - Crossing the Bridge
Martha Moran - Crossing the Bridge


Michael Rohde

"Working in the medium of woven textiles, I use my tools to observe and comment on what I see. These observations come from news of world events, travels and study of ancient and traditional art forms. By employing simple, iconic geometry and strong colors, there is room left to contemplate what is not there and not explicitly stated."

Michael Rohde - Dichotomy
Michael Rohde - Disjunction
Michael Rohde - Four Relics
Michael Rohde - Jubilant
Michael Rohde - Linings
Michael Rohde - Median
Michael Rohde - Radiant
Michael Rohde - Tectonic
Michael Rohde - Verdure Askew
Michael Rohde - Vibrant


Beth Tate

"As an artist, I am drawn to textures and patterns in nature that are in a state of erosion and disrepair. Of all the visual arts, Ceramics has held my attention for over 25 years as I am intrigued by the unpredictable process and the materials. Working with minerals, hands in earth is very grounding."

Beth Tate - Vase 1
Beth Tate - Vase 4
Beth Tate - Vase 9
Beth Tate - Bowl 12
Beth Tate - Vase 14
Beth Tate - Vase 15
Beth Tate - Bowl 17
Beth Tate - Bowl 23
Beth Tate - Bowl 28
Beth Tate - Bowl 29
Beth Tate - Cup 30
Beth Tate - Bowl 31
Beth Tate - Bowl 32
Beth Tate - Vessel 37
Beth Tate - Vessel 40

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