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Upcoming Workshop


Transforming Wood into Sculpture:
Bending, Carving & Turning

with Kristin LeVier

Saturday & Sunday, October 13 & 14, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Presented in the Harvey Rich Woodworking Studio


Henceforth by Kristin LeVier
Henceforth | Kristin LeVier


Day One (Saturday)

Kristin LeVier will provide information and strategies that she has used to become more efficient at making wood art. Some of these things came to her early in the 13 years that she’s been exploring the work, and some did not, and the presentation will save participants time and frustration by learning from her mistakes. There will be a slide presentation supplemented with hands-on demonstrations of many of the techniques mentioned.

A few of the topics covered will be: taking care of your body, useful adhesives, efficient wood shaping techniques, using the Lost Wood technique to make non-round turned objects, adding color to your work, how to make mistakes disappear, modeling to help with design decisions, useful foams, gluing up end grain and using magnets.


Billow by Kristin LeVier
Billow | Kristin LeVier


In this workshop, participants will be introduced to Cold-bend hardwood, an amazing compressed hardwood that allows the creation of beautiful wood bends without using steam or glued-up laminations, saving much time and hassle. This is not a synthetic product: it's real hardwood and is available in many wood species. This wood can be used in place of regular hardwood to impressive and beautiful effect in a variety of ways, including wood sculpture, furniture making, and architecture.

Kristin LeVier has used this wood for years in her sculpture and has experimented with it extensively. She will share detailed information on how it's made and how it can be shaped and bent. This demonstration will introduce the work of artists, furniture makers, instrument makers and architects working with compressed hardwood. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with bending the wood by hand.


Day Two (Sunday)

Kristin will provide an introduction to Micromotor Powercarvers - versatile small, high-speed rotary tools that are much more precise and gentle on the user than the flex-shaft rotary carving tools of the past (e.g. Dremel tools). Their small hand pieces fit in the hand much like a large crayon and offer low torque and virtually no vibration. Use of a variety of burrs in the powercarvers allows for a large range of carving techniques that can be used to add detail and texture to your wood projects.

The morning will begin with a combination of informational presentation and hands-on carving. Kristin will demonstrate texture carving and sculptural shaping on flat planks of wood, and talk about how to enhance woodturned objects with carving. After techniques have been demonstrated, participants will try their hands at powercarving and experimenting with different burrs and techniques.


Enlightened One by Kristin LeVier
Enlightened One | Kristin LeVier

The cost for just one day is $150. per person ($125. for members).
The cost for both days is $275. per person ($250. for members).

A light vegetarian lunch will be served both days, and is included in the cost.

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1-Day Workshop Registration - $125.00:
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Both Days Workshop Registration - $275.00:
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